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Through the Woods Adolescent Counseling Center, LLC
A safe space to heal


About Me

Through the Woods Adolescent Counseling Center, LLC was created to be a safe space with a specific focus on the unique needs of preteens, adolescents, and young adults. Our young people have dealt with significant turmoil and disruption over the last few years, and my hope is provide the support, intervention, and high quality care that one deserves from a mental health professional.


As a seasoned school psychologist, I have extensive experience providing mental health services to our preteens, teens, and young adults. I specialize in working with adolescents coping with social stress, social anxiety, depression, and other mood based difficulties. Having an in depth understanding of schools and pandemic related impacts on everyone, coupled with understanding of research based practices, I can provide the very specific and high quality care that our youth deserves. I now am pleased to offer ADHD evaluations!


Specializing in a Variety of Mental Health Concerns in Adolescents & Adults

Anxiety/Social Anxiety

I utilize CBT and ACT approaches to treat school based anxiety, social anxiety generalized anxiety, and depression.


Depression rates have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. I utilize a variety of research based approaches to treat this challenging mood disorder.

Parent & Peer Relationships

Many adolescents are experiencing underdeveloped social skills due to pandemic related social distancing measures. I am equipped with strategies to improve social problem solving skills, with both peers and family.

School Challenges

School can be tremendously stressful for students. Bullying, social media, social interactions, and other related factors can significantly impact the school experience. As a seasoned school psychologist, I am well equipped to support these difficulties. 


ADHD comes with many associated symptoms to include executive functioning deficits, social skill weaknesses, emotional regulation problems, low self-esteem,and goal setting/achievement challenges. I will work with your adolescent to address their unique difficulties related to their ADHD diagnosis.

Behavioral Issues

As a creative thinker, I will work to problem solve with you to work on various other difficulties that are presenting.

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